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About us

I am Kuruczné Lovas Júlia, teacher, handicraft. I create Bible puppets and puppets about the lives of saints for church use and religious education.

I love the marvellous feeling of being preoccupied into the timeless creation since I was a little child, enjoying how the textiles and other materials transform between my hands.

Later on, as an infant teacher I was giving handcraft courses for students. Than I have my own family rising with five children, but always find some time for creating. Little toys, tiny clothes, flowergirls’ dresses were made and gave much joy and happiness.

Since they grow up I started working as a special care teacher with ADD, ADHD children. I realised the importance of illustration and personal attention paid for them.

That’s why I started sewing puppets to help interpreting the Gospel and the stories of saints for them. By making them, the precise and enthusiastic team of the „Palota15 Nonprofit Company” gives me great help.

  We also sent a set of puppets to the orphanage of Dévai Saint Francis Foundation.

About the puppets

The glove puppets are about 30 cm high and are made for normal adult hands, but children 10-12 years old can already puppet with them.

Both glove puppets and finger puppets are made of natural materials (linen, cotton, wool and leather) so they cannot be machine washed, any dirt can be removed locally with a detergent sponge.

It is advisable to store them in the supplied puppet holder. Moths can damage the figures!



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Some information to buy!

If the inscription reads “in stock” next to the figure, we will mail it to you within 1-2 working days.

The “orderable” figures are made on request, which we can undertake with a two-week deadline. In such cases, please be sure to contact us by email or phone!



You can choose from several delivery options that are more convenient for you.
You can request the receipt of our parcels by picking them up at the Post Office and PostaPontra, the price of which is up to 2 kg is 1525 HUF.
With the acceptance of the MPL parcel machine, the price of which is HUF 945.
Or for the FoxPost parcel machine, which costs 1100 HUF .
You can find more information on our contact page! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!



As a payment option, a bank transfer is possible, for which you will find our account number on your order receipt, which will be sent to you after your order has been sent.
We only provide cash on delivery for each postal parcel delivery option.

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Unique offer

If you have a special offer,
feel free to contact us! Or if your order contains more than one product and thus exceeds 2 kg weight, we will notify you and we will discuss it with you!
Our delivery is over 40,000 HUF
free of charge!
If you choose to receive in person, it is also possible to do so at a pre-arranged time at 1015 Budapest, Batthyány street 50.!

They wrote this
about us!

“My grandchildren have grandchildren’s era, so I bought them a set of finger puppets for St. Margaret and Elizabeth. I hope they will remember their wonderful stories as adults. ”
D-né Anna
"The sight of the puppets grabs the kids' attention, so it's much easier to discipline the sessions and we can really focus on the point."
G. Ágnes
“I ordered the 10-piece set. Live puppets are even nicer than in the photos. ”
H. Detti
“I performed the miracle of the Roses with the puppet of St. Elizabeth and the little basket to a large group of preschoolers. They ask me to play it again and again, even though the trick has already been "revealed."
Sz. Melinda
"The sight of the puppets grabs the kids' attention, so it's much easier to discipline the sessions and we can really focus on the point."
G. Ágnes
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