About Puppet Performance

The sets are recommended for the age of 4-10.
We belive that the first experiences of the religious education must associate with positive experiences while they get known and pass through Gospel stories or legends of saints adequate their age.

Puppet theatres can be made of various materials: cardboards, thin wooden boards, or even a simple tablecloth. They are only necessary when we organise a performance. Children don’t mind if they see the actor (or we simply can hide behind a desk or table). For them it’s obvious, that Jesus walks around them int he whole classroom (e.g. searching for the lost sheep).

Before performing one of Jesus’ miracles must emphasize that the story we play with puppets really happened otherwise they might think exposured him (e.g. when they see us taking the fish and bread out of the drawer).

Other accessories for puppet performace

If we can get or make some more accessories we could play some more parables. It’s better to use real 3D objects then flat, cardboard drawings, they attract the attention of children even more (e.g. a real branch for Zacheus; or two coins: a bigger one for the pharizee, and a smaller for the widow).

It’s worth collecting authentic, rustic little objects (dishes, wooden tools), but mind they are breakable (with sharp edges) and can ruin the gladsome play. No matter if their relative size is bigger then the proportional should be, it’s easier for the puppet to handle, and also easier to see.

Some parables need more occasions to prepare for. For hosting Jesus we can make little fruits, buns etc. from clay meanwile discussing about the gifts of God, the importance of paying attention to our friends or the kinds of food in Jesus’ time. The next occasion could be the parable of Maria and Martha.

Use of puppets in puppet performance

The performer has to keep in mind that glove puppets can’t move their mouth, have no mime. Therefore the one that speaks has to express his or her emotions by overreacted movements otherwise noone will know who is speaking especially when more puppets are on the scene at the same time.

The puppets are adult-size handcraft items (fit about from the age of 10), not ordinary soft toys, they are for illustrating Bible stories. Not suitable for young children. Allways use under the supervision of adults, because small pieces (e.g. eyes)can be taken off and swallen. 

Mostly made of natural materials therefore more vulnerable than plastic toys. store them vertically one the enclosed standar.

Do not machine wash, stains can be removed with a small brush and washing powder.

In case the stuffing in  the head looses it’s shape it can be easily adjusted with a needle.

We wish you many joyful and pleasant lessons and performances hoping our puppets will bring unforgetable experiences for the little ones:

Julia & the Team of the Biblepuppets

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Thank you for the opportunities so far!

Júlia bábjáték készletet adott át Csaba testvérnek

Our puppet set also reached the St. Francis Foundation in Deva.

Our puppets also presented themselves at the Feast of Charisma

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